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Big Smartwatch Brands Have Charged Exorbitant Prices For Years
This All Changes With PentagonFit

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Over 800,000 Americans die annually from heart incidents and other issues, when this technology could have helped tremendously to monitor their health, if only it were more affordable. In seconds, PentagonFit monitors heart rate, blood oxygen, calories, and fitness, while looking stylish, for up to 63% LESS than big-name brands.

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This Tiny Little Device Looks Like a Wrist Watch
But Does So Much More!

  • SpO2 Blood Oxygen & HRV Analytics

    Check blood oxygen levels, heart rate variability, and more. Other smartwatches can't compare!

  • Track Calories to Burn Fat

    Monitor your calorie-burn, steps, sports/activity, and more so you can burn fat and get lean.

  • Heart Rate Monitoring

    High-precision sensor with 'green light dynamics' for 100% accuracy and visiblity.

  • 'Get Moving' Reminders

    Sometimes it's easy to lose track of our movement, so when you are sedentary, the device buzzes you to get up and move a little.

  • Reach Fitness Goals

    Set fitness targets, monitor progress, share fitness information and finally reach your goals.

  • Monitor & Improve Sleep

    Wear this at night to monitor sleep data, analyze quality and sleep better, for more energy and happiness.

  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want to thank you personally for reading my daily emails, and to show you my appreciation, I'd like to give you an AWESOME gift...

I've recently touched base with a top former U.S. Intelligence Officer that designed many of the military’s top combat training techniques…

And it reminded me of the specialized methods that the U.S. military uses for rapid weight loss in a very healthy and easy way…

That most average Americans like you and I would sadly never get to hear about :(

Until now…

We’ve combined our years of expertise in the health and fitness industry with some of the U.S. military’s undercover fitness techniques to create a powerful Pentagon-style device that helps you lose weight and improve your health fast…

And today we’re giving away FREE supplies of this PentagonFit Fitness Tracker….

This Pentagon-style device has been PROVEN to help:

- Boost the metabolism
- Help reduce weight without dieting
- Provide steady daily energy
- Promote healthy blood sugar levels
- Support healthy blood pressure
- Keep you accountable to your fitness goals
- Reduce inflammation and joint pain
- Promote deeper, more restful sleep
- Burn away stubborn belly fat

This new weight loss gadget is really in a class of its own...

Unfortunately because each device needs to be prepared to exact federal specifications so that you can get the most benefits out of it, we'll only be giving away a very small amount of free devices…

So all you have to do is enter your address details in the link below and cover your shipping and handling fee and we’ll get your name on the list right away... but you gotta hurry!

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Let me know how this “smart device” works for you!


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