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Q-ION Immune Defense

“Ion Blast” super-pill helps block deadly pathogens while boosting your immune system


Dear Friends


What if you could “Super-Charge” your immune system without even thinking about it?

How about shielding you and your family from today’s worst pathogens with just one pill per day?

Well, that’s exactly what a group of scientists found while studying the effects that Natural Zinc Ionophores have in combating pathogens and illness in our bodies.

And here’s the crazy thing…

The scientists confirmed that Natural Zinc Ionophores can have as much positive anti-viral impact as any other medically approved therapy in use today. 

They figured out that by adding these Zinc Ionophores to a person’s supplement regime…

It supercharged their natural defenses and stopped the dangerous pathogens that Americans encounter every single day…

In the end, their conclusions were staggering…
They reported results like...


  • Reduces Symptoms & Duration of Occasional Cold & Flu 

  • Binds itself to Zinc, making it absorb 10x more rapidly for extreme immunity benefits

  • Helps Strengthen Your Immune System from The Inside Out 

  • Without this, zinc is simply unable to achieve the levels needed for optimal immune protection.

  • Reprograms the PH levels of your endosomes, helping to fight back dangerous pathogens from entering your cells. 

And the only real difference between “Average” immunity and “Super-Charged” immunity was achieved by adding this ONE nutrient containing “Ion-Blast Technology”… better than anything they had ever seen…

==> Rare ' Ion-Blast Technology ' could help reduce Immune Deficiencies FAST


All the Best,


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