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Dear Friends, 

Are you constantly feeling groggy and tired even though you slept all night? 

Millions of Americans suffering from Non-Restorative Sleep, 

or NRS… sleep that isn’t refreshing, and you to wake up with no energy… 

Non-restorative sleep can contribute to:

  • Impaired cognitive functioning

  • Feeling unfocused and unable to concentrate

  • “Brain fog” and occasional forgetfulness

  • Low energy

  • Slower reaction time

  • Occasional, minor anxiety and moodiness

  • Weight gain

Fortunately, there is a simple 10-second ritual you can start doing TONIGHT that will give you the best sleep of your life… without the groggy and hazy feelings the next day. 

>> Discover why sedative sleep aids like melatonin actually HURT sleep quality (and the 10-second ritual to wake up totally rejuvenated)

This could be the most important report I’ve ever published, because poor sleep affects every aspect of your health and life. 

Learn How To Get The Best Sleep Of Your Life [NEW REPORT] ← (Clinically backed, and Nasa Doctor Recommended) 



The ingredients inside Youthful Sleep

1.A proprietary blend of a patented clonal line of spearmint and green tea, clinically-validated to improve sleep quality and next-day function, including improved focus, reaction time, visual recall/processing, and better risk-taking judgment.

2. Enzyme-treated asparagus stalk extract, clinically-validated to balance circadian rhythm, increase sleep quality, improve cognitive performance, reduce next-day fatigue, and improve stress response.

3.A patented form of ashwagandha, standardized for 3 critical nutraceutical components, to reduce sleeplessness, decrease stress, improve focus and reaction time, and reduce fatigue.

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