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The root cause of tinnitus: the inflammation of your brain tissue.


You want to sleep but that screaming kettle in your head just keeps getting louder and louder...

Making it impossible for you to get sleep!

It's so bad that when you take sleeping pills it still keeps you up.

Being on the verge of sleep but THAT RINGING.

Well you are in for a TREAT!

My treat from one suffer to the next.

You need to get this if you want something to shut down that ringing.

In the first week people say that the volume of tinnitus lowered.

Just read some of these people's comments!

After the first week it only got better!

Come on, get that sleep you are always wanting!

Don’t wait too long. I’m taking this email down in a few hours so we don’t run out of supply!

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silencil buy now
silencil buy now
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